A huge days for the Chinese New Year

As time flies by, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and all the chinese nationals are Singaporeans are preparing for the Chinese New Year. The CNY music is everywhere, the movie RoboCop is everywhere. Have a look of what the movie look like:

Youtube link: http://usbrwn.co/INmtQXUXez8

Then a day after in my school in Ang Mo Kio, Pathlight School, there’s a party going on here, bus and train services were extended overnight to end the service, but I couldn’t wait for The Lion Men movie to open in cinemas. Why would I want to watch this amazing movie? Trailer is shown below:

Youtube link: http://usbrwn.co/00x09bhfuQk

On a public holiday, the reason why ALL of the shops including the coffeeshop and hawker centres as well as the shopping mall was closed was… becuase it’s a public holiday and all the chinese families were out for house to house visit. 1st day and 2nd day.

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