Coming near you: Static brown Show episode 2 – return of the Static brown heroes

Coming to my 4Shared and Soundcloud accounts near you with the first sponsored Static brown Show. Kindly brought to you by OKAMOTO CONDOMS (nope, I’m not really kidding). Because Josiah Kiang and I’m gonna talk singlish, make random Despicable Me movies jokes and comment on the topics like the K-Pop band founded by my pal Mr Wan Muhammad, Six Hearts (6HS), Pathlight School Student Councilors 2010 and Starbucks’ 100th outlet @ Fullerton Waterbay Hotel, as well as forming People’s Action Library (PAL).

Okamoto Condoms is the number 1 selling condoms in Japan and was available at major retailers like 7-Eleven, Watsons, Cheers, FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, and NHG Pharmacies.

This episode will also feature “Interduction/Intromission” by Panic at the Disco as the jingle for Static brown Show to mark the beginning of the new year. Any suggestions for the next Static brown Show podcast episode? Send an email using GoogleMail (also known as Gmail) to walkmars1759 [at], and I will read with Josiah Kiang “Live” at the camp. Thank you.

An interview with Pathlight School

I was interviewed recently about the LEGO Education which is slated to be aired for my school’s (Pathlight School) Parent Communication Night, which is held this term is 13 March. More details you can visit But… in the meantime, The LEGO Movie is now showing in cinemas. You have to catch this epic show before you pre-order it on Blu-Ray, DVD or Blu-Ray 3D pack. Log on to