How I spent my holidays

Eve of Lunar New Year

The first thing is wherever I play the CNY hits after I tried to add in the jingle for the show in the morning. And then later this evening, my whole family and I went out to the seafood restaurant located at Blk 56  Lengkok Bahru for the reunion dinner because.. it’s the eve of the new year.

Day 1 (31/1/2014)

My family realized that my grandma’s residence located at Blk 160 Jalan Teck Whye (near Phoenix LRT Station on the Bukit Panjang LRT System) ONLY got two person. My relatives hasn’t arrived yet when my dad would have to stop wasting his time and proceeds to my uncle’s residence at Telok Blangah  afar from Lower Delta Road and was served with one of three feeder services in Bukit Merah/Telok Blangah served by SBS Transit Ltd. My family has just got a lot of time because I first met my baby at age 2 as she is growing up at her home in Telok Blangah itself. Sometimes, my cousins like to play Defense of the Ancients (DotA) on World Craft 3.

Day 2 (01/2/2014)

Some show up at the Thai Buddhist temple in Bukit Merah served with BSEP trunk service from CBD loops at Telok Blangah was 120 (re-introduced recently under BSEP on 21 April 2013) and some show up in a temple located along Waterloo Street to worship. There’s a hotel behind it where my dad usually buy 3 cans of Anchor Beer (Smooth) for promo but was not valid. Some of Cheers stores were open, some were closed. My parents thinks they had the KFC Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken (the individual meals one) for dinner. Then I took some photos of the sceneries.

Day 3 (02/2/2014)

My dad’s friend is meeting me and my dad to go on the important meeting that I had for the public holiday, as my dad’s friend took day-off from work due to public holiday yesterday as there are 50% of ALL the shops surrounded by HDB was back to business  today and 55% of the  shops in the shopping mall are back to usual business.

My photo gallery was now available on my Facebook profile.


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