Where are these WAB Buses headed?

If anyone says the any buses that are Wheelchair Accessible owned by SBS Transit Limited Singapore headed to JB, they can.

Photo by SBS9C, edited by SBS3000G
Photo by SBS9C, edited by SBS3000G

So now, these buses registered between 2007 and 2009 were ready to be on cross-boarder services. They are: 160 and 170/170X.

Static brown Show episode 2 part 1

Today’s our world premiere of the new Static brown Show!!! But, only part 1 of this episode. The crew is giving you the highlights from the annual Sports Day organised by Pathlight School, yours truly.

(Note: LIVE podcast, better quality. Part 1 is this week, part 2 on 28 April, Part 3 on 5 May and Part 4 on the eve of Vesak Day.)

Podcast: Static brown Show episode 2 part 1 Listen or Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 9.86mb, Time: 0:08:37)

Declared to be a winner for this year’s Pathlight Sports Day

Of how many gold medals I’ve got, I’m the winner! Thanks to Mr Yong, Mr Wong, Mr Jack and those in charge of helping me win every title, I managed to beat Glenn Phua in the race by getting into the first place.

Therefore, I’ll exhibit my personal achievements of 2014 to become:

  • Best of Medicine Ball Throwing Competition (1st place)
  • 1st place of 100m race sprint

Special thanks to my dad, Josiah Kiang, Sean Bay, and those whom meet me before on helping me to win on behalf.

Visit staticbrownshow.wordpress.com to listen to this LIVE show.