On LIVE from Pathlight School

Now I’m blogging LIVE in Pathlight School right now, do give me sometime. As there’s A Very Special Concert coming this August, ticketing will be on sale this July. If you don’t know what….

On the other side.. I don’t know what.

New updates this week

No Josiah Kiang this week, just Justin Tan and Kevin Tan (yes he is back!) brings you more highlights within the mrbrown show:

Hope you will enjoy this what Justin and Mr Kevin did.

Warning! This post contains luffs of stuffs you might be offended. If you’re offended, please reply on the comment below.

New book of inspiration

A new book for readers will see the inspiration of myself becoming a superstar but friends will see me being disguised with more stuffs. A new book will be drafted anytime soon. Thank you.

Weekend update 3

Like I said, Teban Market Place is the place my dad and I had lunch there because it has some of the hawker stores served with cooked food and market stores where they sell raw meat, raw vegetables and raw eggs. There’s one NTUC FairPrice store at Blk 37 Teban Gardens Road when we managed to take a look at it. There’s also bus service operated which became the route variant of Service 143. To know more on this information about 143M under the BSEP purposes, click here.