Weekend update 1

Pardon me, I know you have been waiting for the first issue of this series.

First I went to get a haircut when my dad has received a call from the hairstylist that May 3rd is the best date to go, and I don’t want to have a bald head after haircut. Second, dad and I have to worship the Buddha where the temple is located opposite Block 269 Queen Street along Waterloo Street when we get there by shortcut using the Downtown Line. Third (which is today) I went to visit my neighbor next door because of his beloved son was married.

If you want to know more about thing I need, follow Justin Tan on Twitter.


2 Replies to “Weekend update 1”

  1. That’s an eventful weekend. Thanks for sharing. You may want to attach photos on your weekend journal for sharing in class. What do you think?

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