My travel diary

Day 1 (1 Jul 2014)

Today we arrived in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia for my dad’s brother-in-law’s funeral there because of his passing caused by cancer. Two nights and three days, we traveled there by the Grassland Express Coach registered PGQ8811, we experienced the bites at the rest stop last night as my parents had the mee rebus, but I only had a ramily burger and potato wedges. By afternoon, my relatives in Malaysia introduced me to my cousin.

Day 2 (2 Jul 2014)

We woke up at about 8-9am for breakfast, then to the shop targeted at RM2. We also had a long drive in the lake in Taiping, near Zoo Taiping & Night Safari. We also went into a secret location for dinner.

Tomorrow night, we’re going back to Singapore by Grassland Express Coach from Butterworth. We had two night stay at Leisure Home Taiping. It was a awesome journey we had.

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