A new band

There would be music for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, there would be memories for those involved Mount Kinabalu earthquake, and there would be arts…

Presenting.. my school’s band formed by Central Singapore Community Development Council, The Purple Symphony!

Our hangout video from JustintanTV will be made in advanced.

Birthdays are better

Today, we went to dine in at Swensen’s West Mall outlet for my birthday treat. We had crispy cornflake chicken and my sis had Mac & Cheese. We also had ice cream after that.

Starting in September, I’ll be flying on AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur with my little niece for a short holiday there. We are going for sightseeing in the greater Kuala Lumpur, and find things to buy among Bukit Bintang. We haven’t eaten dinner in Jalan Alor and Jalan Petaling.

The holiday post powered by AirAsia coming soon in September.

It’s my birthday!

Today’s my birthday! Yes! Still waiting to fly on AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur in September for 3 nights. Still to say, I wanted to take my friends for a trip. Sightseeing, taking KL Monorail and more…

On the other side, there will be anything from us. We will deliver some videos on YouTube on 26 Jul at 9am. First, it’s my drum segment for Racial Harmony Day celebrations in Pathlight School across two campuses. As a result, JustintanTV’s Facebook page needs a status update. I’ll also be Tweeting for you once I get back back home as I’m editing the video on iMovie app.