Reds Hope Parliament

Today, a new Reds Hope Parliament cabinet was formed under the Haze situation and other news.

Admins were listed are:

  • Justin Tan Wen Cong (president of Reds Hope Parliament Cabinet)
  • Kevin Tan (minister of Reds Hope Parliament Cabinet)
  • Tylerkc Taylor Kah Chin (minister of Reds Hope Parliament Cabinet)
  • Andrew Peh (minister of Reds Hope Parliament Cabinet)

So now, I am the president of a new Reds Hope Parliament cabinet for real, thanks to those admins like Mr Kevin Tan, Tylerkc Taylor Kah Chin and Andrew Peh for making me an admin.

Reds Hope Weekly likes ROCK MUSIC

Do you mean we set our vlog vs music video??

We are going to pit our covers with different artist across Class 95FM, 987FM, hitz fm, ONE FM91.3, Gold 90.5FM and… there more to tell..

Introducing Reds Hope 5!

Bringing you latest hits from 5 Seconds of Summer, WALK THE MOON, MAGIC!, Green Day, Linkin Park and much more.

September updates

Hello all,

Haven’t post anything for a long time, since September is a mid-autumn festival for mooncakes. Later this month, The Purple Symphony will be returning for rehearsals for the Purple Parade.

Also, I’ll be in Malaysia for a little vacation on AirAsia. Follow me on Instagram here as I post a plenty of photos throughout the journey.