Pathlighters Across the Causeway

We are going across the causeway from Tuas for the first time in history, as we are visiting Kempas and Yong Peng. Farm tours are expected to be, because there is no more hotspots in Sumatra as of now. With haze cleared, we are going! A coach Pathlight School provide is PC9222L. I bought my snacks and drinks as my supplies for a longer trip across the North-South Expressway up to Yong Peng.

First, off to Kempas, and after clearing 2nd link customs in Malaysia, I went to buy a Dutch Lady brand chocolate milk from a provision shop in Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint costed me RM5.50. We arrived at the mushroom farm located in Kempas. We had Nasi Lemak as a traditional Malaysian breakfast. I would avoid peanuts and sambals, because I don’t eat things spicy. We toured around the mushroom farm and a Kampung Hut.

I had chocolate milk.

Off to Yong Peng next. We had our first piece to get for batik painting as part of the tourism in Malaysia. We had rice with assorted dishes with watermelon after that. Then, I had a ice-cream as dessert.

eating ice-cream as a dessert

Then we visited the organic farm to see how the swiftlets look like. Because the corridor at the 2nd level is too dark, and I can’t see anyone of them. Then, we are going back to Singapore via 2nd link, clearing customs at Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint and Tuas Checkpoint. Life’s a change… in kampong days.

This month sucks!

They say they dislike this month and last week, Scoot commenced flight to Melbourne which is a world class city in Australia. Scoot now operates four overall destinations across Australia using the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Melbourne joins Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth in Scoot network, operating domestic flights operated by Virgin Australia under the Virgin Group.

In reality, there’s so much rain because of washing the haze away in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. Indonesian gahmen is now taking strict actions against those behind land burning in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

What happened at The Purple Parade on 31 October 2015

What happened last Saturday was I was part of The Purple Symphony where we performed at The Purple Parade earlier this year. But someone recently released a video of the song “Moon Represents My Heart” {{月亮代表我的心}} performed by an inclusive orchestra at the event at Hong Lim Park. Other songs from the beginning except “You Raise Me Up” was taken by my father. This video was from Dove Doodle Private Limited Singapore’s Youtube channel:

(This post has to be updated.)