It’s a Patreon

Hey, everyone! Before 2016 starts, we had launched our Patreon campaign! It’s simple. I’m the only comedian like Haresh of Ministry Of Funny (do subscribe to him as well!). But I’m the one. With the support, we can create more videos for the coming future. So.. do support our Patreon campaign today!

CarHoo Patreon Launch video


2016’s bucket list

With I’m using Dayre app, you can sign up for free once you’ve downloaded the Dayre app from the App Store (for iPhone/iPad users) or Google Play (if you have Samsung devices or others), and follow me at My bucket list goes with:

  • Bring my little niece for a holiday with AirAsia
  • Join my schoolmates on Singapore Airlines flight out of Singapore
  • Get a first job from Starbucks
  • Get a AirAsia cap
  • Get more videos uploaded on my Youtube channel (do subscribe then!)

Out for a morning exercise

My mom told me to stay on diet and go for a morning exercise out in the neighborhood. So if you don’t know about this, my mom think that I should lose 35-45kg, and of course, my jogging path in my video on Youtube.

But if you don’t know, here’s my video on the measurement:

Special thanks to my mom for letting my jog on my own.