2016’s bucket list

With I’m using Dayre app, you can sign up for free once you’ve downloaded the Dayre app from the App Store (for iPhone/iPad users) or Google Play (if you have Samsung devices or others), and follow me at http://dayre.me/justintanwencong. My bucket list goes with:

  • Bring my little niece for a holiday with AirAsia
  • Join my schoolmates on Singapore Airlines flight out of Singapore
  • Get a first job from Starbucks
  • Get a AirAsia cap
  • Get more videos uploaded on my Youtube channel (do subscribe then!)

Out for a morning exercise

My mom told me to stay on diet and go for a morning exercise out in the neighborhood. So if you don’t know about this, my mom think that I should lose 35-45kg, and of course, my jogging path in my video on Youtube.

But if you don’t know, here’s my video on the measurement:

Special thanks to my mom for letting my jog on my own.