Top 10 Singapore Moments on YouTube in 2015

Since it’s the beginning of 2016, we are counting down Top 10 Moments on YouTube in 2015.

This is the list:

10. SINGAPOREAN IDENTITY w/ RyanSylvia, WAHbanana by FungBrosComedy:

9. 50 Things I Hate About Singapore by sweetestkind

8. [HD, 60p] Cebu Pacific Flight Experience: Cebu to Singapore by wanmuhammadtransport

7. Top 10 Idiots of Singapore in 2015 II by sweetestkind

6. A Tribute To Mr Lee Kuan Yew #RememberingLeeKuanYew by Alozerk

5. Things Lazy People Do by wahbanana

4. Star Wars vs Real Life by teenageguruz

3. The Muppets Are Pod People! by gloveandboots

2. Awkward Situations Only Indians Understand by MinistryOfFunnyTV

1. WWE Wrestling Moves Only Singaporeans Understand by MinistryOfFunnyTV

(this list must be updated)