JustintanTV Hangouts in Perth

Update: My Perth travel guide was released on Youtube. Link here.

My Perth travelogue is still in production stages. It is estimated to be completed in Q2 2016. The video shows you where I visited in West Australia. They are:

  • Kwinana Marketplace
  • Dolphin Discovery Centre
  • Hungry Jack’s Busselton outlet
  • Busselton Jetty
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • The Olive Tree restaurant
  • Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre
  • Peel Zoo
  • ..and so much more.

Do subscribe to my ol’ Youtube channel now. It will be released in mid-April.

Justin Tan and friends visits Perth, Australia

Have you ever know that what went down for my adventure with Singapore Airlines from 29 February to 4 March?

29 Feb

We had set off with Singapore Airlines to Perth with The Boeing Company 777-200 as boarding for SQ223 is at Gate C20 instead of A Gates. A-Gates and B-Gates are within Changi Airport Terminal 3. C-Gates and D-Gates are at Terminal 1, and E-Gates and F-Gates are at Terminal 2. G-Gates will be at Terminal 4 when the new terminal will open in 2017. After 5 and 1/4 hours, we had just arrived in Perth as Peel Bus Hire driver, Mr Mitch is driving us to Kwinana Marketplace for teabreak, where I ate a Krispy Creme chocolate iced donut. Then we head to Fairbridge Village for night stay. Along this process, I have eaten chicken at the clubhouse. One of the holiday cottages that we were staying is Shakespeare Cottage. We stayed there for 4 nights.

Photo 4-3-16 8 07 03 AM

1 Mar

We woke up at around 6am to get washed up before having our breakfast. We also toured around this village before heading out to Dolphin Discovery Centre, located in Bunbury. There I bought 1 shirt at 26 Australian dollars. Next we went to Busselton for lunch at Hungry Jack’s instead of KFC. After lunch, we arrived at Busselton Jetty. We managed to catch a glimpse of a seaside and ocean floor. Don’t know where was the derbis of a missing Boeing 777-200ER belongs to Malaysia Airlines Bhd, operated as flight MH370 for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur (klia), we supposed that the Australian Navy is still finding it….

After sometime, I managed to get the mug for my mom and a recyclable bag. We stopover at Pinjarra Junction for a while.

2 Mar

After we woke up at around 6am, we get some breakfast. We had reached the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, why do I hear music? Because they are having smoke free event tonight in Perth City. We visited The Olive Tree restaurant for lunch. Sometime later, Mr Mitch’s friend is driving us to Mandurah Forum to do some shopping. I bought the cheapest USB cable charger from Coles and some chips for my parents and friends to share.

3 Mar

After we woke up and ate our┬ábreakfast, it’s time to visit some animals at Peel Zoo as we saw kangaroos hopping everywhere. There’s also goats and so much more animals. Afterwards, lunchtime is at the Fairbridge clubhouse as we ate wraps. Activities were conducted within the village. After sometime, we went back to Coles supermart to buy supplies to bring in to Singapore with Singapore Airlines.

4 Mar

After we had our breakfast, remaining items required to be packed into luggage because we were about to fly back with Singapore Airlines. We had to say goodbye to the deceased buried around Fairbridge Village, the horses, the railway crossing, the Coles supermarket, and of course TransPerth. SQ226 leaves for home at Changi Airport, expected to be parking at Gate F42 along Terminal 2. Belt 36 has been assigned.

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