April Fools’ Day

Our video “Hitman: Bounty Hunter”, is where Hitman: Agent 47 and Spectre were from the big screens while Power Rangers: Dino Charge from the small screens were fused together, is out now on my Youtube channel! This video shows you how to assassinate anyone else for no reason: which turns out to be fake. And in the other words, it is a April Fools’ Prank. Stunts include: jumping, running and crawling are included. Our target is: a Pathlight Alumni (who is graduating in 2016) and a student in Pathlight. Will we ever defeat him with our April Fools’ Prank?? Watch to find out!

This video inspires with Hardcore Henry (due to be out this month), a Power Rangers movie (will be out in March 2017), Captain America: Civil War (releasing later this month) and Call of Duty video game.