Next day of my life (chapter 3)

How would you go for a concert?? Tips for you:

  1. Have someone jam with you using “18” by 5 Seconds Of Summer
  2. Get a bassist.
  3. Cover one of the songs heard on Kiss92FM
  4. Rent a recording studio
  5. Remix a music with TheLionCityBoy
  6. and more

Gonna love music.

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Next day of my life (chapter 2)

Intentionally, why are we going for an Internship at E2C? Because it’s part of the “transition from school to work” programme as work ends at 12.30pm for these 3 days. After that, we go for lunch. If any stuffs to do back at Pathlight School Campus 1, report back to school.

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A reflection from my father’s old smartphone
Lunch time

Next day of my life (chapter 1)

I don’t know what will happen next after I graduate from Pathlight School… because I rather want to take my little cousin for a trip with AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur to spend some time there for holiday season in December…. until it’s time to rewind back to 27 June 2016.

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