Fellowship Stories Restaurant Review 1

So this is our first Fellowship Stories Restaurant review, and we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza to eat some nice Sukiyaki & Shabu-shabu steamboat buffet. Some sides are included and there is a free flow of drinks. They cost us S$37.40.

(Rated 7/10 stars)

Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza outlet


Pathlight on the otherside of Johore

After months being away, we bring back our Malaysia travel blog (and check out our past post back in November 2015), and I’m excited to take photographs with the Apple iPad Air 2 (it’s new when I traded in on 10 September 2016), iPod and Nikon Coolpix L16. Be sure to LIKE my new Facebook page, or visit Fellowship Stories Photo Gallery on Shutterfly to see my photos.

We board a private coach at Pathlight School Campus 1 on our way to somewhere in Desaru. PC9992Y was the one, but I fell a little ill, so only photos are available on our Facebook page.

Or view it here!