Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Fellowship Stories Of You And Me! Later on 987FM, who will be Number 1 for the Year 2016??

Also, if you know, Suicide Squad might be No.1 movie of 2016 or Captain America: Civil War will be making it’s way to No.1? Is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being #1 for 2016?

Click for Static Noise Podcast episode 102 to hear the trended album from Green Day, Revolution Radio. Or Sensar Singh can evaluate everything today? Click for DOES MOF FAKE PRANKS or ASSASSIN’S CREED VS Singapore Censorship by Ministry of Funny:

In other news, this year so far more local acts like Singapore’s electronic pop quartet, Disco Hue. The song, I’ll Be Waiting on Spotify was on 987FM:

(This article will be updated.)

Singaporean Walking Contradiction

This article refers to a Green Day song off the album, Insomniac. Listen here if you have an Spotify account:

So I hated my day job in the office environment. So does our channel JustintanTV, and they will be renting the space in Chinatown. but will collaborate with Singaporean Youtubers.

See What Show: Priceless, Blades of Glory, and Hot Fuzz

People were asking:

Remember that famous scene in Oliver Twist when he asked for more gruel?

And he was cruelly denied???

Well, we hear the requests for more movie reviews and we’re not so cruel as to ignore them.

Presenting, the new SeeWhatShow episode!

This week, we review Priceless, Blades of Glory and Hot Fuzz.

Image from mrbrownshow.com for SeeWhatShow
(Image from mrbrownshow.com for SeeWhatShow)

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If you’re still thinking about Pathlight Alumnis’ space trip, then we, at Fellowship Stories Of You And Me, are going to review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Lots of Star Wars fans were watching it, too.

So where could those rebellions are? They MUST foil the plans for Death Star.

Note: First movie review from Fellowship Stories Of You And Me, more to come in 2017.

(PG, 134 mins, Some violence, viewable from GV Jurong Point)

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Standing by for #rogueone: A Star Wars Story…

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