YouTube 2016 Year In Review

To wrap up 2016, we will count down these videos on YouTube:

10. ATTACK ON TITAN VS Singapore Censorship by Ministry of Funny

9. My “BANANA” Problems by JinnyboyTV

8. BANE x HULK vs IRONMAN x BATMAN by CartoonHooligans

7. If My Boner Was An Indian Woman by Dee Kosh

6. Custom Video Responses! by Glove and Boots (subscribe to those puppets for more videos)

5. Static Noise Podcast Episode 71 by GreenDayAuthority (never heard in 2012 before)

4. DISNEY’S MOANA VS Singapore Censorship by Ministry of Funny

3. If Green Day was metal by Jared Dines

2. เสือร้องไห้ – PPAP (Parody) by tigercrychannel

  1. Kim Huat presents: PPAP Song by mrbrown

What’s next for Youtube in 2017?