The Epic Split Against MediaCorp | Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2

This week on Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast, Sean Bay and I detailed about Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (the epic split video by Volvo ft. Van Damme we are trying to refer, but failed afterwards as part of the spoilers), the political things we are thinking of. Also, I detailed Doctor Strange DVD against MediaCorp for the annual Star Awards event organised by Channel 8 themselves. Our previous question has its answer revealed!

If you enjoyed our past moments, leave us a comment below on the video if you want to see more of Sean Bay being a stand up comedian on YouTube.

Of course, we were also obviously sponsored by… iTea. Best selling drinks available.

Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast iTea giveaways

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  1. Mr Othman Wok’s passing on 17 April 2017 at age 92 –
  2. Reports from #sa2017sg from MediaCorp TODAY Paper –
  3. LIVE Comedy show “Phua Chu Kang and Friends” in Kuala Lumpur featuring Fakkah Fuzz –
  4. “Noose & Kakis 2… My PSLE Is Better Than Yours!” –
  5. The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit in management in rapidKL –

(Note: some things we haven’t talk about it. So tune in next week to see what happens.)

Duration: 14mins 11 secs
Watch above or download the file from Vimeo directly.


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