An important update from both JustintanTV and Fellowship Stories

Update 1:

Hi everybody! Here at Fellowship Stories Of You And Me, we’ve teamed up with JustintanTV as a joint YouTube channel.

This is an important update. Our new schedule will utilize our resources for our YouTube operations.

Our new schedule as follows:

  • Every Mondays: on hiatus
  • Every Tuesdays: Mr Kevin Tan’s Word Of The Week on our main channel
  • Every Wednesdays: Fellowship Stories Tech Check on our second channel; Fellowship Stories News Alert Roundup on our main channel (ends 26 May 2017)
  • Every Thursdays: Fellowship Stories At The Theaters on our main channel
  • Every Fridays: JustintanTV Gaming on our second channel
  • Every Saturdays: Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast on our main channel
  • Every Sundays: JustintanTV The Animated Series on our main channel (resumes 4 June 2017)
  • Every month: Fellowship Stories LIVE Show (begins 6 May 2017)

Have a great week ahead!