Awesome Mix Vol 2 – Fellowship Stories At The Theaters

Image: Marvel via IDMb

Your favourite Guardians are back for Awesome Mix Vol. 2 as they unwind through your cosmics but we admit, I liked the character in the movie called Baby Groot. Baby Groot always say “I am Groot”. Guess what? Tomorrow’s movies opening in cinemas stupid.

There is too much spoilers ahead:

  • SONY WALKMAN Cassette Player displaying Awesome Mix Vol 2 belongs to Peter Quill broke off by Ego, Star-Lord’s own evil father.
  • Baby Groot does all the things causing Rocket and Yondu to escape from  the jail.
  • Nebula vs Gamora – AN EPIC BATTLE AGAINST SISTERS!!!
  • Kraglin will replace Yondu in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3.

Before the film ends, a bunch of people whom are still around commemorate remembrance of Yondu. The Guardians ARE to return in Avengers: Infinity War as they will help the Avengers to take down Thanos.

Note: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 was proposed for the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe

(PG13, 136 minutes, released 27 Apr in Brazil, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan and Uruguay cinemas)