3 years ago: set foot on Butterworth

3 years ago, our writer, Justin Tan Wen Cong has missed out Youth Day Celebrations in Pathlight School due to unforeseen circumstances, Tan Cheow Hian’s brother in law Yeoh Yen Lee passed away at age 45 after falling ill with tuberculosis. There’s no choice but to return home to Penang, Malaysia, which is way too far from Singapore.

My father’s younger brother-in-law’s apartment is located with Perai, Penang, Malaysia. Somewhere near Megamal Penang is near the KTM ETS tracks.

Originally, my phone ringtone set to… WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SONG WAS RELEASED IN 2007 AS ONE ALBUM. It is classified. Please read our article we wrote back in 2014.

By the time we got to Taiping, it is almost sunset and we somehow got lost when we followed the GPS map… DAMN. It was so stupid.. smelly mouth of Siri.

After we ate, we’ve arrived at Leisure Home Taiping, we had to shower, wash up and sleep.

Listen to “the mrbrown show 24 April 2006: taking a super nice bus on the NS highway” on Soundcloud: