3 years ago: set foot on Taiping

Continuation of “3 years ago: set foot on Butterworth

When we woke up that morning, he felt like he’s posting a photo in Taiping before dawn on Instagram. Here’s what he posted:

Before that, we went to Eco-Shop @ Taiping to buy supplies for the following day before we head back to Butterworth, then Singapore. We traveled around Taiping Lake Gardens. Within the vicinity, we had lunch at Taman Tasik Food Centre. After that, in the evening, we went to Restoran Matang-Yee Seng Seafood for a nice dinner. Before we reach back, we stop by at 7 Eleven Jalan Datuk Seri Kamaruddin to grab things for later.

Listen to “the mrbrown show 24 April 2006: taking a super nice bus on the NS highway” on Soundcloud: