Clockwork of Christmas – A Fellowship Stories Christmas tale

In addition to our Twelve Days of Christmas video, we have our own story to tell. Click more to read our story written by editor in charge Justin Tan Wen Cong. Or visit us at It is a mix-up story with Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange.

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Long ago, in a Christmas village far away, we sneek into the place by teleporting ourselves like in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange from reality. I had a sling ring from the movie itself, so we can go through the portal of golden circle. From reality to a fictional city filled with Christmas decorations, it’s gonna be a fun-filled experience. After drinking with elves, we had a conversation. We passed by Santa’s toy workshop. Where can we get to Santa’s mansion?

Well, there’s Santa Claus himself living with the babes until… we sneak into the mansion. To an instant, guests are welcomed. So, we were welcomed as guests and I didn’t noticed a sling ring still on my finger. What’s next? Well, they’ll be baking cookies and making hot chocolate with s’mores for me, my little cousin and her friends. Dressed in PJs and bathrobes as well as flip flops, Santa’s mansion was truly a magical place. One night, when the intruders showed up, I had to take action. Dressed in a costume from Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, the Cloack of Levita can do anything but it misbehaved like magic. A device contains the time stone of Avengers: Infinity War can reverse things which are damaged which brings everything back to its formal glory. Why do I fly like in the movie itself? Because of the cloack, it behaves in the air like magic. Hours later, we return to reality without Santa and babes to visit the church…or take the MRT.

3 hours later, we return through the portal to the virtual town where there are elves everywhere going into chaos. That’s why we MUST reverse things which are damaged. More kids joined me with a POWERFUL lightsabers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1981) whom they don’t know anything about jedi training, we instantly reverse things which are damaged and putting it back to is formal glory. Next we MUST beat the intruders down and kick their a**es and so on to save Santa and his allies. Once down, we teleport the defeated intruders to the phantom zone like in The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) and use the sling ring to close the circle. EVERYTHING is back to normal, and thus, Santa give us shelter for the night. I talked to them about my life in the marriage and etc. until it was really time to return to reality. Meanwhile, at Bayfront MRT Station ticket concourse level for the Circle Line extension to Marina Bay, the golden circle from Doctor Strange (2016) opens at the unpaid area and we exited the virtual town and close back the portal.

To conclude everything in store, we opened back the portal and returned to the virtual town again.

  • Cal-El aka Superman
  • Santa Claus
  • Jedi #1
  • Jedi #2
  • Jedi #3
  • Jedi #4
  • Jedi #5
  • Jedi #6
  • Darth Vader
  • Batman
  • Phua Chu Kang
  • and many more…

Did you know in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange (2016) that the sling ring can transport anyone from one place to another?