ONE FM 91.3 – Fellowship Fact

On August 8, ONE FM 91.3 was revamped to have good times, playing the greatest hits. Popular DJs (previously from MediaCorp Radio) came under SPH Radio as of July 2015 were… Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman. Why are they so popular?

People like to listen to the breakfast duo and etc for nothing on weekdays as they get to work.

Listen to the ONE FM Podcast below:

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Led by the leader of #MARVELFANSUNITED, Kirk Deveyck (follow him on Twitter!) is simply a Marvel fan does comedy videos on Youtube where it has been leading to this.

In present day, Kirk and Co., known as We Want The Trailer Boys returns in action for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, they wanted the trailer to be published on Marvel Entertainment channel on the YouTube.

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Red Letter Media – Fellowship Fact

Star Wars fans, Red Letter Media (referred by Glove and Boots), Red Letter Media is for you. Mike and Jay reviews various Star Wars movies from 2007 til today. Mr Plinkett is commenting, reviewing various Star Wars movies from 1999 to 2005 and from 2015 to 2019 because some people need to watch these videos to understand Star Wars culture to date. Why do he abduct females to talk about Star Wars movies?

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The Harvard Krokodiloes – Fellowship Fact

Who are The Harvard Krokodiloes? They are Harvard University’s oldest a capella group, affiliated to The Harvard Din & Tonics. Harvard University has 3 a capella singing groups, who are the Dins, the Krokodiloes and The Radcliffe Pitches

On Spotify, selections from the studio albums from The Harvard Krokodiloes are:

  • Krokodile Tears (2002)
  • A Rambling Notion (2004)
  • The 60th Anniversary Album (2006)
  • The 12th Man (2009)
  • Off the Cuff (2017)

Listen to their album Off the Cuff below:

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