3 years ago: set foot on Butterworth

3 years ago, our writer, Justin Tan Wen Cong has missed out Youth Day Celebrations in Pathlight School due to unforeseen circumstances, Tan Cheow Hian’s brother in law Yeoh Yen Lee passed away at age 45 after falling ill with tuberculosis. There’s no choice but to return home to Penang, Malaysia, which is way too far from Singapore.

My father’s younger brother-in-law’s apartment is located with Perai, Penang, Malaysia. Somewhere near Megamal Penang is near the KTM ETS tracks.

Originally, my phone ringtone set to… WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SONG WAS RELEASED IN 2007 AS ONE ALBUM. It is classified. Please read our article we wrote back in 2014.

By the time we got to Taiping, it is almost sunset and we somehow got lost when we followed the GPS map… DAMN. It was so stupid.. smelly mouth of Siri.

After we ate, we’ve arrived at Leisure Home Taiping, we had to shower, wash up and sleep.

Listen to “the mrbrown show 24 April 2006: taking a super nice bus on the NS highway” on Soundcloud:

My funniest moments of going to Malaysia with Grassland

If you’re referring to my blog post that I posted two years ago last July, I took Grassland Express coach to Alor Setar back in 2007 and up to January 2008 due to my mother’s father’s passing, and back on 30 June 2014 on my father’s elder brother-in-law’s passing, of course I discovered the ferry terminal at Butterworth on Tuesday morning itself.

Be sure to check out the mrbrown show‘s post to read more about mrbrown and Mr Tan’s traveling experience on Super Nice Express here.

Pathlight on the otherside of Johore

After months being away, we bring back our Malaysia travel blog (and check out our past post back in November 2015), and I’m excited to take photographs with the Apple iPad Air 2 (it’s new when I traded in on 10 September 2016), iPod and Nikon Coolpix L16. Be sure to LIKE my new Facebook page, or visit Fellowship Stories Photo Gallery on Shutterfly to see my photos.

We board a private coach at Pathlight School Campus 1 on our way to somewhere in Desaru. PC9992Y was the one, but I fell a little ill, so only photos are available on our Facebook page.

Or view it here!

After months being away, we bring back our Malaysia travel blog (and check out our past post back in November 2015), and…

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Pathlighters Across the Causeway

We are going across the causeway from Tuas for the first time in history, as we are visiting Kempas and Yong Peng. Farm tours are expected to be, because there is no more hotspots in Sumatra as of now. With haze cleared, we are going! A coach Pathlight School provide is PC9222L. I bought my snacks and drinks as my supplies for a longer trip across the North-South Expressway up to Yong Peng.

First, off to Kempas, and after clearing 2nd link customs in Malaysia, I went to buy a Dutch Lady brand chocolate milk from a provision shop in Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint costed me RM5.50. We arrived at the mushroom farm located in Kempas. We had Nasi Lemak as a traditional Malaysian breakfast. I would avoid peanuts and sambals, because I don’t eat things spicy. We toured around the mushroom farm and a Kampung Hut.

I had chocolate milk.

Off to Yong Peng next. We had our first piece to get for batik painting as part of the tourism in Malaysia. We had rice with assorted dishes with watermelon after that. Then, I had a ice-cream as dessert.

eating ice-cream as a dessert

Then we visited the organic farm to see how the swiftlets look like. Because the corridor at the 2nd level is too dark, and I can’t see anyone of them. Then, we are going back to Singapore via 2nd link, clearing customs at Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint and Tuas Checkpoint. Life’s a change… in kampong days.