Find me for social media

Here’s my social media histories because I’ve decided to start blogging since:

  • May 2012: My Facebook and YouTube accounts were established.
  • Early June 2012: My Twitter was established.
  • June 2013: Both my Vimeo and Blogspot pages were introduced.
  • Late August 2013: My Tumblr account was established.
  • September 2013: My Flickr account was introduced.
  • December 2013: Started using WordPress.
  • June 2014: Establishment of my Instagram account
  • October 2014: Establish our JustintanTV’s Facebook page
  • 24 November 2015: Established my Dayre account
  • September 2016: His own Facebook page is established, but merged one month later with JustintanTV.
  • November 2016: Fellowship Stories Facebook page established
  • Late-May 2017: We are on Strikingly!