A Lush Goodbye

(Source: Facebook – Lush99.5)

After 13 years of operation, Singaporean indie music radio channel Lush 99.5FM has stopped transmission on 31st August 2017 (which was yesterday) at 11.59pm.

It played local music ranging from indie to pop, rock and alternative music, and previously occupied the 99.5 MHz frequency on the FM band.

The station was also known for their smart commercials back in the day, which poked fun at pop-culture horror movies, promoting their station with the tagline “Music changes the mood”.

Lush 99.5FM was launched after the frequency was awarded and acquired by Mediacorp in 2004, after its predecessor, Passion 99,5FM, closed down in 2003 due to a lack of sponsorship and advertising revenue.

In a Facebook post published on 17 July 2017 (which is a Monday afternoon at 3pm), the radio station acknowledged their fans and followers, while announcing that the local music it features will go forward as a project titled “Singapore Sounds”, which will be featured on other radio channels, and online.

Here’s the text of the post, in case you can’t see it:

Lush 99.5FM will be stopping transmission on 31st August at 1159pm after 13 years. Whilst we have built a loyal core of followers, the listeners, who are supporters of local music, we have not managed to grow the base of listeners enough to sustain the operating costs of the station. But we are as passionate as you are about local music so we have put in place the Singapore Sounds project, which will feature local music, artists and gigs on other music stations, 987 and 938LIVE, as well as on 8days.sg. We hope you’ll continue to show your support for the cause through these channels. In true form we’ll be celebrating all things local in the month of August so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Lush99.5FM isn’t the first radio channel to retire from the scene in recent years.

Expat Radio XFM 96.3, formerly known as International Channel, was founded in 1998, targeted towards the expat community in Singapore, ceased operations in 2016.

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Welcome to September, guys. Marvel’s Inhumans is out in IMAX for two weeks. It’ll continue to ABC network in the U.S. and coming soon… to Netflix International.

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The next big Marvel roster

Image: Marvel via IDMb

Phase 4 plans will be revealed by The Walt Disney Motion Picture Company in SDCC in United States. Plans for the Marvel Small Screen Roster is still underway, where Inhumans are coming to BOTH IMAX and ABC Television in the U.S. It will be coming to HD5 by MediaCorp soon.

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Return of Mr Kiasu | Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast Episode 14

Season 2, Episode 7

Recently, Lush 99.5FM has stopped transmission since the start of September 2017, and then Mr Kiasu comes out of retirement after 18 years.

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Fellowship Stories has another site launched

Hi everyone! Last week on 26 September 2017, we had a soft launch on our other blogsite. Only on Blogspot.

Visit fellowshipstoriesfantasies.blogspot.sg/2017/09/page-one-prelude to read our introduction.

Warning! This site fellowshipstoriesfantasies.blogspot.sg has a R21 rating with contains censorship and other elements which are unsuitable for people below the age of 21. Do not read this post if you’re offended by censorship/bad words.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Now that iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was announced on 12 September 2017 by Apple CEO Tim Cook and will be released on 22 September 2017.

About iPhone 8

iPhone 8 introduces an all‑new glass design. The world’s most popular camera, now even better. The smartest, most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. Wireless charging that’s truly effortless. And augmented reality experiences never before possible. iPhone 8. A new generation of iPhone.

Design: An iPhone formed from glass.

An all-glass design is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. A colour‑matched, aerospace‑grade aluminium band. New space grey, silver and gold finishes.

  • Water and Dust Resistant: Precision-engineered to resist water and dust.
  • Wireless Charging: The glass back enables easy wireless charging.
  • Two Sizes: New 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays.

Retina HD Display: Retina HD. Now with True Tone.

All-New Display means A Retina HD display that’s more beautiful than ever. With True Tone, a wide colour gamut and 3D Touch.

  • True Tone: True Tone technology automatically adjusts the white balance to match the light around you. For a better viewing experience in all kinds of environments.
  • Brilliant Colours: With a wide colour gamut and the best colour accuracy in the industry, everything on the screen looks more brilliant and vibrant.
  • Wide Viewing Angles: Dual‑domain pixels give you a great view of the screen from almost any angle.

(source: apple.com/sg/iphone-8)

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100% churros crafted guarantied

Wanted to say how delicious these churros are. A BIG thank you to Churros Factory for letting me drop by to get some! Because chocolate is my favorite.


Be Inhuman | Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast Episode 13

Season 2, Episode 6

We are in less than two months away to The Purple Parade, so we have to update you on this.

Interested to win prizes? Take part in Fellowship Stories Fan Photo Contest! Submit your best drawing of our writer’s future wife. We’ll reward you with a Foo Fighter’s album Concrete and Gold. Contest ends 31 December 2017. So don’t miss out any promotions.

Warning! Spoilers ahead again!

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