Fellowship Stories Fan Photo Contest


Hi everyone! Please be informed that you’ll have to send us a fan photo on Instagram, and tag @justintanwencong. Full details here. Closing date is 31 December 2017.

  1. Send us a fan photo of Justin Tan Wen Cong’s future wife on Instagram
  2. Tag @justintanwencong on Instagram
  3. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  4. We will announce winners

Good luck! You’ll walk away with prizes with compliments from us, Golden Village Mr Popcorn and SCOOT*! Please check back at facebook.com/fellowshipstoriesSG.

*Scoot prizes includes travel vouchers and a expenses paid trip to Kuching, Sarawak. Regular flights from Scoot begins 29 October 2017. Or a DVD from us!

The next big Marvel roster

Image: Marvel via IDMb

Phase 4 plans will be revealed by The Walt Disney Motion Picture Company in SDCC in United States. Plans for the Marvel Small Screen Roster is still underway, where Inhumans are coming to BOTH IMAX and ABC Television in the U.S. It will be coming to HD5 by MediaCorp soon.

(This story is developing. It will be linked to Jul 29 session of Fellowship Stories LIVE Broadcast.)

American Idiot movie under development

Hey everyone! American Idiot movie is still under development according to Green Day Authority. GDA said Broadway Idiot was unveiled as a documentary of how a Green Day album American Idiot was made as a musical. The movie was picked up by Universal, which is part of the United International Pictures and green-lighted by HBO.

A video of Green Day performing “Basket Case” after American Idiot musical performance:

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Napping in Singapore Botanic Gardens

En route from Visitor Centre at Nassim Gate to Learning Forest (info from maps.me App; download it from the App Store or Google Play)


We went to Botanic Gardens to unwind ourselves to 7th Lunar Month.

Posted by Fellowship Stories Of You And Me on Saturday, August 19, 2017


In support of World Photography Day, we went to Singapore Botanic Gardens to take certain number of photographs at Botanic Gardens today.

#NDP2017 live feed on Facebook

Here's our photo stills of #NDP2017

Posted by Fellowship Stories Of You And Me on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy belated birthday to our home Singapore. We’ve busy posting live feeds from NDPeeps channel on the YouTube and MediaCorp HD5.